2023 DeFi MasterClass

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Benefit #1. Permanent ACCESS to my 2023 DeFi MasterClass, including five training modules of 50 short videos. I walk you through each step quickly and easily to go for the higher yields and bigger profits that I believe only DeFi can offer.

Benefit #2. An immediate head start for supercharging savings with my special “Stablecoin Mega Yields” report.

Benefit #3. One year of our DeFi Power Workshops. Join me in these exclusive members-only events each quarter, and I will walk you through the latest opportunities with DeFi and how to capitalize on them.

We plan to sell tickets to these high-powered events for $99 per workshop in the new year, but you’ll get access to all of them at no additional cost.

Benefit #4. Four more bonus reports, each introducing a new DeFi blue-chip opportunity:

DeFi Superstar #1: The Great DeFi Money Saver

DeFi Superstar #2: The NASDAQ of DeFi

DeFi Superstar #3: The Key DeFi Infrastructure Coin of the Future

DeFi Superstar #4: The Battle-Tested DeFi Blue-Chip for 2023

Benefit #5. A huge discount when you join today!

Considering the depth of research and the unusual opportunities it provides, the Weiss Ratings team and I discussed pricing a lifetime membership in my 2023 DeFi MasterClass at $9,950 for sophisticated investors.

But we decided instead to make it very easy to understand, available to all investors and at a much more accessible price of $995.

Plus, for this special offer only, it’s available at a $200 discount, bringing the total cost down to just $795, including all the extras.

These very timely resources will be sold separately for a total of $1,786.

But when you join me today, you get the entire package for just $795.

That’s a total savings of $991.

Benefit #6 is my promise to you: If, at any time in the next year you’re dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, let us know, and we will give you a full credit on every penny you’ve paid.

That way you could apply your $795 to the wide range of other Weiss Ratings products and services in any asset class or sector.

To claim your $200 discount, and SAVE $991 …

Call 877-934-7778 (Overseas callers: +1-561-627-3300) Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.