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VIP Benefit #1. 52 weeks of trade alerts and blowout profit potential in select crypto wonders: In the last 3-year bull cycle, even if you started one year late, you could have seen gains of 13,692% on New Crypto Wonder, #1, 22,179% on New Crypto Wonder #2, 26,132% on New Crypto Wonder #3 and 57,421% on New Crypto Wonder #4.

VIP Benefit #2. Big profit multiplier: Step-by-step instructions on how to own them for up to 80%, 90% even 99% less than others will pay. These kinds of discounts could mean multiplying the profit potential of each trade by 5x, 10x even 100x.

VIP Benefit #3. Gala inaugural trades, including specific instructions on how to jump into The Great Money Integrator and the #1 Crypto for the AI World.

VIP Benefit #4. Extra bonus — the opportunity for unusually high yields: For the cash equivalents in your crypto portfolio, Juan and Dr. Bruce will show you how to earn far more than what you could make in money markets or bank savings accounts.

In fact, you can get this info right now by instantly downloading their report, “15% APR with Stable Cryptos Pegged to the Dollar.”

VIP Benefit #5. Specialized support ($5,000 value) — free with your membership: We cannot give you investment advice tailored to your needs. But our team of trained Member Care agents is here to help you make this a success. We’ve seen other groups charge $5,000, even $10,000 for crypto tech support. But if you’re a member, it’s all part of our service.

VIP Benefit #6. Our New Crypto Wonders team: In his monthly crypto publication alone, lead Editor Juan Villaverde has seen average gains of 328% per trade on 30 different trades. Meanwhile Coeditor Dr. Bruce Ng is the supersleuth finding the world’s newest crypto wonders.

VIP Benefit #7. My personal commitment with real money: After you’ve had ample opportunity to buy, I will invest my own money in each new crypto wonder that Juan and Dr. Bruce recommend. I do that to underscore my confidence in the team and to share with you the statements of my real-money portfolio — so you can compare them with your own.

VIP Benefit #8. Loyalty discount exclusively for Weiss Ratings Members only: Others will pay $4,500, already substantial savings from the regular $7,000 retail price. But if you respond today, you’re entitled to take an ADDITIONAL $1,000 off. Your cost is only $3,500 (a total discount of 50%).

Plus, you lock in your 50% savings for as long as you’re a member: To help make sure you don’t miss out on this big discount, we will automatically renew your membership unless you tell us not to. We will always let you know ahead of time before renewing. And if you wish, you can opt out of this benefit at any time.

VIP Benefit #9. $350 in Ethereum: We will send you $350 in ETH. Then, if you wish, you can exchange it for the new crypto wonder that we believe has the best potential to achieve the best gains.

In the last bull market cycle, ETH itself went up 54x. Even if it had gone up only 10-fold, that alone would have been enough to cover the entire cost of the service for one year.

VIP Benefit #10. My promise to you: I cannot guarantee future performance. But after your first year, if you cannot make at least 10 times your money on one of the new crypto wonders Juan and Dr. Bruce recommend, let us know and I will pay for you to get a second year free. That’s an extra $4,500 value with my complements.

To claim your 50% discount, and SAVE $3,500 …

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