Weiss Crypto Portfolio

We must limit this service to a small number of subscribers. If you wish to be added to our waiting list, sign up using the form below or please call 877-934-7778 (Overseas callers: +1-561-627-3300) Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.

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Here’s Everything I’ll Receive:

VIP Benefit #1. One full year of Juan’s trade alerts with precise “Buy” and “Sell” instructions based on our proprietary crypto ratings model and our proprietary crypto timing model.

For the big bottom, you’ll get Juan’s first new “Buy” signals for each and every crypto that belongs in a well-diversified portfolio.

And you will also get his second signal when he has solid confirmation that each of them is on its way.

In case you want to buy more, he’ll send you alerts every time the market hits an 80-day low.

And whenever he sees a major top in the market, you’ll get alerts aiming to take profits off the table.

VIP Benefit #2. Protection against downside risk — by avoiding cryptos with low Weiss ratings and avoiding sharp intermediate declines in the market that are identified by our crypto timing model.

VIP Benefit #3. Access to one-on-one tech support. We can’t give you investment advice tailored to your individual needs. But we will give you as much help as we can to open your crypto exchange account, to navigate the crypto world and to answer any questions you may have about the recommended trades.

This support service alone could cost thousands of dollars elsewhere. But with your membership in Weiss Crypto Portfolio, it’s yours as an extra bonus.

VIP Benefit #4. Premium access to all our Weiss crypto ratings. That includes our ratings on over 1,000 cryptos, with our list of upgrades and downgrades, delivered to your inbox BEFORE they’re released to the public.

Countless investors have paid $468 per year for this service alone. But as a member, you get it as an EXTRA bonus.

VIP Benefit #5. A huge 50% discount. In the past, we sold thousands of memberships to our trading services for $5,000. And considering the profit potential, I think Weiss Crypto Portfolio would be a bargain at that price.

However, on this special occasion, I’ve decided to give you an unusually large discount of 50%, available strictly now with this offer.

So, your total, all-in price for all these benefits (and more) is just $2,500 for a full year of trades. You save $2,500 right off the bat.

VIP Benefit #6. The same huge 50% discount for as long as you remain a member. That means when you renew, you get the privilege of saving $2,500 every single year.

When your subscription is up for renewal, you’ll be notified ahead of time, given the opportunity to cancel, and if you don’t respond, you’ll be charged $2,500 for the following year. (You can opt out of this auto renewal feature any time.)

VIP Benefit #7. $250 in Ethereum. To help get you started, I will effectively PAY for your first trade. I’ll give you $250 in Ethereum as part of our membership.

VIP Benefit #8. Total transparency. I’ve set aside $100,000 of my own money to invest alongside you and to share with you my trading statements on our members-only website.

I’ll follow all the same trading instructions we send to you, with one difference. I’ll always wait at least two hours before executing each trade. That gives you the opportunity to buy before I buy and always to sell before I sell.

To claim your 50% discount, and SAVE $2,500 …

Call 877-934-7778 (Overseas callers: +1-561-627-3300) Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.